Sporting Democracy

[PHOTO: N. Koreans wearing red and white; to form their flag-05 ]

"Nothing Like Sports to bring the best out in everyone"...M.B.

(We will hope)

According to the CSMonitor 11/3/05... Since the 1960s, North and South Koreans have proposed unifying to form one Olympic team, and thus far have not produced an agreement...

NIXED DUE TO: Disagreement upon numbers; North not wanting to appear subsidiary to South; flag issues; etc... To double check this, I went to the N. Korean site...(Friendship Association; USA branch)

"Oh, look what they made for us... How sweet."
(I think)

REUNIFICATION : North with South Korea for the Beijing Olympics... Looks like a pending proposal to Kim Jong IL...

CSMONITOR: This time, however, there is some reason for optimism. "If it's ever going to work, it's going to work now," says Kim Sang Woo, secretary-general of South Korea's Olympic committee.

"What, do they sense that things have changed in the World, now?"...M.B.

South Korea's 300 athletes finished ninth among medalists, behind such competitors as the United States, China, Russia, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy.

Excelling in martial arts, archery, table tennis, and badminton, the South Koreans picked up nine gold medals, as many as Britain, ranked one notch behind in the overall medal count.

North Korea (in contrast) ranked 58th with no golds, four silvers, and a bronze. And in two categories, men's featherweight boxing and pistol-shooting from 50 meters, in which North Koreans won silvers, South Koreans were right behind them with bronze medals.

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