Prodigies of the Arts

[Mozart (private coll.) With Royalty |Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace]
~(Click on image to view see Marla's site! -age 5)

Mozart: Began composing when he was five, and at six, playing before the Bavarian elector and the Austrian empress. Having received much encouragement by his father, he soon began publication of his scores as an entrance-way to his earliest symphonies.... (Site for Mozart buffs.)

~Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's - Piano Concerto No.1, KV 37:
~-Excerpt-Allegro I (mp3)
~-Excerpt- Allegro III (mp3)

For many years, people looked upon child prodigies with a mixture of awe and trepidation, as it has long been a question of whether they are born with superior motor skills, or if they develop them with the intense practice...

I believe it is often a family's established interest in the field which helps them recognize and nurture the precocious child... And without this, the child’s exceptional gifts would not have been fully realized or manifest.

The following are my favorite Artist-painter prodigies who (along with the assistance of their guides) realized their crafts at 2, 3, and 4 years of age.
The fruit of their talent is now built into a unique and prolific work:

Marla Olmstead: Began painting at 2 years old, with a rhythmic and masterful use of color. At five, each painting is a full wall-sized masterpiece. Marla's work is sought after, internationally, by an elite group of Art collectors.
~View this five year olds Lovely paintings! ...(or click on image above.)

Dante Lamb: Began painting at two, Guinness World Record Holder for "The Youngest Professional Artist." Dante chooses his own charities, and commands a high value for his Art.

~View the wonderful paintings of five year old Dante !
~Visit the fine sites of:
joscafe, basil’s blog, don surber

Now up! At the Owners Manual It's The Best of Me Symphony!

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