The Origins Of Make-up

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Why do women wear make-up?

Did a google search for Make-up:
Results: 1 - 10 of about 26,300,000 for makeup

Next search, origins...until I stopped at the ancient writings of Orvid, that is.

"Art embellishes everything"...Orvid's decision was that expression of Culture was better than Nature as, "Culture sweetens the bitterness of wild fruit"...
To me, there is no question, as to whether or not make-up started as a result of skin-care... Perhaps in the travels of Homo erectus, wandering far away from sources of water, with a dire need to protect the skin? Perhaps there was found the ease of application by plants with oils? This undoubtedly lead to the discovery that certain plants worked better to protect from the sun? So in a sense, these natural embellishments became Artistic, for there was true beauty found within, and the needs to retain.

I can see so clearly, Egypt, with its unbearably hot climate, experiments of green sulfur found along the banks of the Red Sea... applied to protect the eyes...These Medicinal purposes brought forth the use of copper oxide, iron, manganese dioxide, silvers, reds, rusts and gold...

Roots in Primal Earth, to make one whole, to adorn... M.B...(^_^)


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