Crisis in Southeast Asia

[Former Thai farming|AP-04]

(In happier days, a Thai farmer guides ducks in field, on outskirts of Bangkok.)
"I'm afraid I don't know what to believe, or if indeed these outbreaks of bird flu are a direct result of terror...
As Scientists work desperately to contain the H5N1 bird flu virus, I welcome your input." ...M.B.

~Tehran Times | PHNOM PENH (AFP) - The U.S. health secretary remarks upon outbreak of bird flu in Southeast Asia. latest article.

~Read the excellent writings of Rick Moran who has also written on the subject of bird-flu.
So many views, if you have additional information not mentioned here: I welcome trackback, or comments. Will link this back to you.
~Thanks to concerned comments, from very excellent bloggers from Europe, naturendanger, Nuno, and Paredes De Coura who (with cause) fear a potential catastrophe in the making…

~Mr. Satire makes 2 important points, being possiblity of Avian flu danger being overrated, and reminds us that there were 3 flu pandemics in the world in the last century, so, it’s reasonable to suspect that we will have at least 1 this century.

~To conclude this topic: I include links to images from a recent trip to Mongolia taken by my friend, and accomplished photographer,Yvon
..and another link to his Pilgrimage of Cambodia.
Also, visit his Périgrination of Tibet...
So, as we all keep positive, decide what we believe, yet fear. We will all hope for the best......(^_^) ~M.B.

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