Western Herbal Culture

The freshness of just picked and naturally milled herbs of curry, fresh sage, and cayenne, scent the air, in my favorite open-air International Market.

Less than a decade ago these import markets were a flourishing, first choice, bulk quality, herbal import. Today, however, we see an ever growing World population, with a shift in its direction of food consumption.

Now geared for faster food products, Urbanites have set the need for the distribution of bulk food seasoning products, instead of an alternative health, holistic market. Many of these import manufacturers today, opt to meet the demands of a high-profit industry:

"The lab seasonings market."

Even within the limited population of holistic herbal circles of today, a majority unknowingly obtain a selection of herbs that, sadly, are without their possibility of intended potency. Either they have been harvested out of season, or most commonly are milled to include low grade filler herbs.

The World population must again move towards redefining the needs, benefits, and uses of the herbal supplement. At best many of these products for holistic use, supply less than 15% of their natural potency by the time they reach the last stages of milling, and then to shelf availability.


It gives me great pride to introduce you to, a National Treasure of Good Health inspiration, and supplier of the World's finest herbs: Dr. Richard Schulze.

With a miraculous shift in positive, healthy lifestyle, coupled with an equally powerful botanical herbal regimen, Dr Schulze has assisted to help literally hundreds of thousands heal themselves, over a span of thirty years.

I have become accustomed to this Doctor's hand-selection of finest herbs in the world, and admire his unique approach to healing. If you or a loved one is ill, or have been diagnosed with an incurable disease, please go to his site: here. 1-800-Herb-Doc (Audio at front)

~The Lovely and healthy blog of Spiralvisions is hosting:
Carnival of Healing #13: "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away."

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