More Press Than Needed

"None are really quite sure just why it is, but at the least desired moment, one has more press than is ever welcomed. Here are a couple examples today, of a 'More Press Than Needed' day" ~M.B.

Piano Man Story ends in Discord
August- 2005; James Button, a Herald Correspondent in London, writes that it has been four months since a young man (unable to speak) was found wandering on a beach in Kent. Lost, and wearing a drenched suit, he soon touched the hearts of people around the World as an accomplished pianist. Now found to have no trouble speaking, but can hardly play the piano at all. This, after the aid of tens-of-thousands of pounds, and much public sympathy.

Additionally, in the news this morning: ~smh.au
Harassed Cows Make Their Way Up Alps
August- 2005; Cold Swiss cows, being hounded by press, make their way along Lona pass, throughout the Swiss Alps at 2795 meters... Trudging along, in search of a moments privacy...
Once again, press... milking it to the hilt.

The Owner's Manual: Best of Me Symphony #123!

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