Women Astronauts CPLA

[Chinese PLA; permission]
Women Astronauts Set to Fly by 2010
China Daily |July 26, 2005
(article in part)
"Jeffrey B Greene, president of the Sino-American Aviation Heritage Foundation, which hosted the US astronauts' China tour along with the Chinese Society of Astronautics, yesterday said he hoped Chinese and American crews would one day fly together in the same spacecraft for peaceful space exploration." Read more.
Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei landed safely on earth on Oct. 16,2003 aboard the Shenzhou-5 after orbiting the Earth 14 times on the 21 hour mission, making China the third country after Russia and the United States able to put people in space. (Xinhua News Agency March 8, 2005) More time needed.
Space suits designed for Shenzhou VI astronauts are much lighter and can be taken off after entering the capsule, read more.

Read about: 人民解放军 Peoples Liberation Army.

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