Black Grassroots Activists Protest Obama Fundraiser, City Hall, ABC News in Chicago; Lib-Media fails to report during election [VIDEO]

As Obama Acorn targets (and guts-out) their homes & communities...

VIDEO VIEW: [breitbart]

From [legalinsurrection]
Media blackout of black Chicago protesters marching against Obama:
Their message, “let us work in our own community,” was made all the more poignant as the ABC News crew ignored the news event outside their very studious. Not one camera was sent to cover the news that was, literally, placed at their doorstep.

Image: Breitbart

US Liberal Media is a disgrace, as they ignore whatever does not fit the "protect Obama" narrative.

Today's Links...
Obama Ignores Question About Storm Victims' Frustrations... [READ]

And this...
MSM-left basically forced to report on the Staten Island forgotten...
And do so, with the main focus on protecting Obama failures..


And Note how they question if water & temporary food will be "good enough" for Staten Residents... And then locate and interview a woman in grief, to deliver a stunning (not proven) racial Jab against Staten Island victims!

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