Ex-Embassy Security Officer In Libya: "The Taliban Is On The Inside Of The Building" At State Dept.. [Video]

Add those who provide Security for our Nation's Diplomats & Ambassadors, to the millions (and growing) who REJECT Obama "Hope & Change" (as was sold in 2008; & enacted over the last 4 years)

During a 10/10/12 hearing of the House Government Oversight Committee: The Former Security Officer for the embassy in Libya says that as far as he was concerned, the Taliban were inside the building...

Translation: His fight was with the current Administration; (IE: worst enemy was our Govt; State Dept)

Gee... Benghazi Ex-Security Officer makes ZERO reference to the Tea Party Patriots; frequently accused by the Obama Administration for being "Taliban-like" in their struggle to uphold our Nation's Constitution.

Today's Links..
ATTENTION DEMS BLAMING GOP BUDGET-CUTTERS for #benghazi ==> Rohrbacher: Did budget considerations affect security decision? Lamb: "NO SIR."

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@barbaylive Top State Department Official Refuses To Call Jihadists Who Attack Benghazi Consulate “Terrorists” [Video]

@DarrellIssa Miss the #Libya hearing & away from a computer? Watch the full replay of our @GOPOversight #Benghazi hearing at 9 PM EST tonight on @cspan

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