Black American Conservatives show positive support for strong Romney economy.. (VIDEO)

As Black Americans suffer unacceptably high levels of unemployment under Obama policies...

Black Conservatives give this focused (and polite) explanation:
"Our nation's economic downturn and unemployment have caused suffering for millions of Americans, but they have hit the African-American community disproportionately hard. Mitt Romney's priority as president will be creating jobs, so that all Americans can have an equal opportunity."
Used to be when LIB MEDIA discounted the existence of huge populations of Conservative voters; they made them vanish... I know because I was one of them... Now they TRY to pit American -VS- American.

-My (not so polite) "Media" explanation...
Media helps Democrat Leadership to avert responsibility for American Black joblessness (highest in the nation); by inciting divisions amongst Black American Voters... But the WORST travesty is how they TIE Black American voter's "skin-color" to Presidential outcome!

A typical method we are seeing in so many of the Left's policies... 'Divert attention away from the REAL need to address seriously flawed policy.'

Romney/Ryan 2012!

1 comment:

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