Another Lefty-Mayor pulls a Katrina "re-do" after defying Gov Christie's Mandatory Evacuation Orders! "Vilify Christie" efforts, begin. [Video]

Another Lefty Mayor and negligent actions of his followers, who defied the order; and refused mass evacuation shuttles... Now they must "WAIT-OUT" expected" danger of the storm... Some decided to hunker-down in a flooded school... ONE block from the sea!

This reminds Americans of the hundreds of Katrina rescuers who sacrificed life & limb to save those who "changed their minds" after ignoring Bush's Mandatory evacuation... And later blamed him.

NOT THIS TIME, for those "riding it out"... As the FULL storm approaches New Jersey...

From [aceHQ]
"Christie has suspended rescue and evacuation efforts as the storm is now hitting and it's dark -- he can't send rescuers in to themselves die. So he's now advising people to "hunker down" in the highest part of whatever dwelling they're in."

As the storm approaches... Obviously, we hope all are safe, in their decision to "weather it out"...

But the second action will be to WATCH the flow of disaster funds; to prevent the MASS theft...
Which is NOT going to happen under this Governor's watch...

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