Archived Video: Rep Ryan on tipping-point

Just as Constitution creates a federal gov't of limited & enumerated powers, the federal government’s spending power is subject to judicially enforceable limits... In the last few years, many of the Progressive's centralized gov't policies are policies of inducement; by-which implementation must quickly shift to coercion...

This has caused instability in the markets, and hardship for America... Newly nominated Romney Vice President, Rep Paul Ryan, offers suggestions for the American people: [VIDEO HERE]

...And then explains more in this Video:


Former President Reagan, it appears, possessed an uncanny ability to foster inclusion & empower via a genuine sense of Unity; as evidenced in his warm response to a (just as now) very weary Nation...

Hence, the Reagan Democrats were born... Today we've only 40% left of a working economy.. and if we're to get it right, save entitlements, & preserve our safety net; we are going to need this same Unity, NOW!

-UPDATE: Romney/Ryan 2012! ...... And so, the Campaign Begins :))))) [VIDEO!]

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