Rep Paul Ryan weighs-in on (more) BO "campaign trail" disinformation:.. (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Extracting capital from the private sector, rather than empowering capital producing measures; has actually resulted in 'ramped-up' deficits & reduced capital.. Driving our Nation to stagnate/negative growth...

Great American Leader, WI (R) Rep Paul Ryan, corrects the latest statements made from the Obama Campaign trail... Reminding that if spending were the key, we'd be living in the Golden Age. :D

PERSONAL NOTE: If one were intent upon extracting $5Trillion from the economy... Democrats should've used it to stabilize property valuation, by paying off up-right mortgages....

Banks would have been capitalized, Real Estate market would have continued to function... And many Americans would've been in better position to reduce the scope of struggling mortgages; by preventing the MASS foreclosures, under Obama's leadership...

Instead, they bailed-out voters..
(Many of which proceeded to default again.)

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