Democrat Protestors & Media "tantrum", after frivilious Democractic recall re-elects WI Governor by large margin.. (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

**sigh** The expensive RECALL hoped to purge an elected Governor solely because they did not agree with him... Once again, retained by a Majority of Wisconsinites that DO AGREE with him...

Another example of "Democrat disdain for the Democratic process" can be found in the "CRAMMED" Health Care bill; using the strategy of vote, vote, & vote again; until you exhaust the majority opposition.

Instead, they have exhausted themselves...

HT [citizenjournalistdotorg]

CAPTION: One day after: WI Liberal Protesters remain in Denial, Others Angry; after a "NOT AT ALL CLOSE" election outcome... Later duped as a "close race" by Democrat Main Stream Media...
Today's Links...
Ed Schultz On Why Walker Won WI Recall:
“Obama Was Right,” People Are “Clinging To Their Guns And Religion”…[VIDEO]

Jesse Jackson Compares Scott Walker to George Wallace.. [VIDEO]
(Forgetting that George Wallace was a Democrat.. Haha)

Comedy Gold… Obama Camp on Last Night’s Thumping:
“A Strong Message to Governor Walker” [Read]

California Vote Deals Blow To Public Sector Unions [Read]
2/3 of S.Diego voters, voted for Proposition B; which trimmed benefits mainly for new city hires.

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