Norquist: "Obama/Buffet tax on millionaires will raise $31 billion over ten years. Obama debt grows $6+ Trillion in decade…guess who pays the difference"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Perhaps one of the most deceptive tactics employed by Governments is the imposed guilt of "Fairness"...Which, in this case, is Liberals sneaky way to impact a "hidden Tax" passed on to the consumer, called inflationary (TAX)
...As Government pulls money from businesses; it drives- up their operations costs...

Of course the poor are hardest hit, but Leftists then employ "class warfare" to get them to (believe it or not) actually RIOT for this!

- Here's Biden going full-on with this message...

Anyway, this "Economic Fairness" mime is designed to please the elites of Democrat's Communist Fairness Party wing; and not our actual Constitutional Gov't...

The idea that one should feel shame for being prosperous is the making of a very POOR Nation... But most Leaders driving this narrative will skim the cream for themselves (& special interests) and then be long gone, when a Nation is left stripped of wealth....

Today Democrat's EPA, new-rules, and over-tax policies are reducing employment; thus shrinking the taxpayer private sector... When they should have rushed to reduce FRAUD!

Now a mountainous gap of Liberal's unfunded/unsustainable; is met with refusal to balance programs that protect the needy... Let's hope that those voting for FREE STUFF promises will take a HUGE reality-pause....
Today's Link...
-DIRE MYTH OF "NO ADDITIONAL COST" ...51% of the population who pay taxes (or those paying the insurance premiums) are paying for those "no additional cost" services or else they're added to the national debt of $16 trillion...

VIDEO: Obama jokes about paying for Women's Dry Cleaning [View]

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