Dershowitz points to prosecutor’s “perjurious affidavit” ... (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

This whole case reveals the "herd-mentality" of Leftist Mob-Society...
And while steering away from her job description during election-time; another Democrat wrongfully uses our legal system to "seek Justice" for purpose to enact revenge...
"If there are riots, it will be the prosecutor’s fault because she overcharged, raised expectations." -Alan Dershowitz, (Harvard Law professor) [Read]
Dershowitz levels his bombshell charges, in an interview with Megyn Kelly... [Read]

Yes... Huge Media malpractice as Liberal Media omits crucial Police evidence in report... Additional injury as MSM-consigned reporter fabricates the dialogue of the Defendant, in an effort to trump-up the headlines...
Today's Links...
Alan Dershowitz Continues To Hammer Zimmerman Prosecutor: Her Affidavit “Is A Crime”… [Read]

Where’s the DOJ? Twitter lynch mob thirsts for Zimmerman’s blood: [Read]
(more later)

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