CNBC - Rick Santelli - Taxing the Rich will not Offset the Deficit! ...[4-11-12 / Video]

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

- Rick Santelli absolutely destroys the premise of [The Buffet Rule!]

Video HT/CommonCents

- I read in the archives of US history, that Government imposed "Salem witch deaths" for those who used herbs to heal a cold! Today, as Government wrongly attacks its (small) and dwindling base of investor/economy-drivers; while (in fact) pulling from its citizens, like ATM Machines...

Not all of the Countries of the world [combined] can afford this "gold-plated" Government monstrosity in the making! ..And as Democrats enlarge it at a RAPID pace.... 2012 can't come fast enough!

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