When plausible deniability & saving face, takes priority over ‘faces lost forever'...Gun-runner (F&F) Update

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"As bodies are strewn about Mexico and the US from weapons provided to drug cartels by [his own ATF]"... Holder Defense responds by accusing the prosecution's inquiry of "race" and "politics"...

But none of the murders fit his claims.... And as the investigation continues, emails point to elements of knowing consent. A supply & demand-related negligence, at best...

To date, only 8% of Gun-Running documents are being revealed to Congress at the onset & aftermath of a critical investigation... While 100's have been killed by those who acquired 'Gov't program' military-grade guns...
Today, Americans prompt the question...
-Should Holder walk the plank for Fast & Furious, or be pushed? [Read]
Rep. Trey Gowdy meets with DailyCaller...

Border patrol families try to close Insurance files for wrongful deaths; yet appointees from this Admin, limit description of deaths, as "work accidents"...

-Trying to save face, while hundreds of faces are lost forever...

If life or death warrants no meaningful response, or responsibility on the limits of Government... How can there be safety for any individual inside the country, with this Admin...

This alone, should motivate serious deselection, in 2012!

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