Paul Ryan & Ben Bernanke Discuss Quantitative Easing

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan at a hearing on 2/2/12; asks Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:
"Do you measure the effects that these policies have on savers, on people living on fixed income, living on CD's?"

"Are you concerned at all about very, very, low interest payments, that these savers are getting from these kinds of fixed income assets; which are hitting our savings & investment side of the economy... In exchange for helping the borrowing & consumption side of the economy?"

-While the poor can hardly afford to eat... Rep Paul Ryan questions FED policy, and its weight upon over-all well-being of Society...

-More and more Americans see that the left (in charge) love affair with Wall Street comes first; at the sacrifice of growing masses who are simply not pacified by more & more Food Stamps.

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