B.O.’s Bold Vision for America = No Budget... Only "street-support" for clashes against those who demand one

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Meanwhile, Americans see riots in Greece as a wake-up call...
@keder: Greece is literally collapsing before our very eyes, and the lefties here call for more spending and more entitlements. (Cont.)
-Are you kidding?

Caption: Greek police fired tear gas at protesters hurling stones and Molotov Cocktails outside parliament in Athens..

Ht BreitbartTV

From Papademos:
"Main cause of our crisis is year-long State overspending. We were spending more than we produced."
(Cont.) ..Even when Obama Democrats owned the House, Senate, and White House they wouldn't pass a budget... Now with 2/3 of GOV (Senate and White House) they still won't. ~DVL [Read]
Today's Links...
@dmataconis: Chart of the Day: Greek Crisis
Annual borrowing cost for 10 yr. bond [View]

Via @StewSays Sen McConnell on @facethenation: "I intend to offer the President's budget for him," since Dems won't. ~Last year, Obama's budget was defeated by bi-partisan vote: 97-0... As neither cut spending nor addressed major drivers of debt.

RT @StewSays In the span of a few days, White House went from having #NoOpinion on Senate Dems not passing a #budget, to having #NoFacts on budget rules.

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