Obama Official questioned on "special" McPherson Square camping permissions

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Today's lawless "Occupy" encampments generate concerns for family safety; while state budgets escalate due to OWS vandalism...

-Actually, tattoos might be the only thing going for them. :D

Courts grill Obama Parks Official for his definition of Camping...As he over-rides Park Laws by granting special permissions; exceedingly "unrelated to 1st Amendment."
"It's not your job to determine which protest group, how to treat protest groups differently. They are breaking the law. Why aren't you enforcing the law?" -Rep. Joe Walsh.

VIDEO: Courts recognize one set of Laws for all Americans... Obama's NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis' questioned on whether giving permission to "Occupy DC" to stay in the park, was politically motivated...
-Feds plan to enforce camping ban on [Occupy D.C?]
Washington Times | The head of the National Park Service said Tuesday the Occupy DC protesters will get one final warning before U.S. Park Police begin to enforce the ban on camping in McPherson Square.

Jonathan Jarvis, testifying at hearing of a House oversight subcommittee; responds: -"Camping ban will be enforced..... "very soon." [Read]

-PERSONAL NOTE: Shame, Shame... Are Democrats hoping to blame a "newly elected Republican Administration" for 1st Amendment intolerance? .... Today, as OWS vandals plan attacks against US Industries; angry Tax-payers demand an immediate end to lawlessness!

With strong dis-approval, most view "Occupy" as an AD against Liberalism.... Update: Democrat Rep's, "We stand by them", has shifted to, "We really don't have much in common."

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