Away... Preparing studio for sculptures and portraiture... (Quick post)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Busy working on completing a ZEN-style Art Gallery to house large sculptures, and my paintings... And in contrast with drabness of metal contained in warehouse walls.... (cont. below)

... The office portion of the building, is being opened-up to create glass partition-effect... Similar to a contemporary view of openness; referenced in this image (below)...

Though without harsh trim... And with light teal & gray, to soften & harmonize with the enormous height of ceilings... (window example)

Home today, and the Gallery is getting Internet tomorrow.... :D
Maybe I will post more soon.... It will be a painting life...

NOTE: I do manage to Tweet via mobile, at @barbaylive
That's where you'll find me...
And when time permits, I'll post here...

Think good thoughts...

Today's Links...
- DIRTT “Breathe Living Wall : [View!]

(Will add more later)

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