Sen McConnell at Heritage: “There’s nothing... Nothing he’s done, that the American People Approve of.” (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

While the entire 'Founding of our Nation' is about Representation...
A point was made, in reference to Dem's efforts to scrap the 235 year old Electoral College.. A candidate could lose all 50 states & still become president...

Couple that with Democrat's cases of ramped voter fraud & rigged outcomes; I'm seeing a giant COBRA-SNAKE. (Cont. below)

Sen. McConnell: "Payroll tax cut extension, should be coupled with other provisions in the law that create new jobs or prevent new layoffs." [WSJ: Read]
(Cont.) While Democrats refuse to reform their (now bankrupt) Liberal Programs... They lend rise to Global Feudalistic Societies which back disturbances to "bully" & push their highly "unpopular" policy..

Now threatening the well-being of much of the world!

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Now HERE'S an idea. An Indian version of "Don't tread on me."
-VIDEO: Bahaha! :D [VIEW!]

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