Russian Citizens call for Justice & Dignity; in the recent 'contested elections'.. Video

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Today, 50,000 gathered across Russia in protest; shouting, "Putin Out! Putin Out!" In what crowds are calling, "rigged parliamentary elections."
-VIDEO: Earlier from Moscow...[VIEW]

-VIDEO: Massive Demonstrations [View]
"A new Russia will begin," she said. "These are the most civilized protests in the world. There is no broken glass, no broken bottles and no burned out cars. We just want a new election and we will get it." [Read]
NO, the most civilized protests in the world belong to the US TeaParty; who, without a single incident (ie: "broken glass" etc) rallied for two FULL years; and took multiple SEATS in Government... This, despite being smeared, censored, and falsely labeled by the ENTIRE Obama-Media complex; in all corners of the world...
From the Telegraph...
"The most powerful weapon we have," Oleg Kashin declared, reading from a statement, "is a sense of our own dignity. We must not take it on and off like we would a velvet jacket." [Read]

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