The Far-left places burden of class-war politics on today's children; through the use of last generation's puppets

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

In the creepy & far-reaching shadow of Far-left's last obsession...
-The infamous destruction of Nuclear Energy...#
Leftist Nay-Sayers of late 70's destroyed decades of Nuclear innovations, just to shut-down any sort of prosperity... And USA LOST over 3 decades of improved technology; at a cost of OVER $15T in lost revenue; due to Foreign dependence...[Read]
Today, Dems cause "trillion$" in public [tax-debt] losses; by investing in (already failed) Green-scams.. And while Liberals use Muppet's to teach children about EVIL OIL; they invest in Foreign development...

-Far-Left's deeply self-divisional, inability to forward-think...
And refusal to listen to rational argument... Here's their "Na-Na-Na" (fingers in their ears) Puppet Version of the above (hi-jacked)

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