Iranian troops move munitions devices, from arsenal; explosion kills 17 elite IRG

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

It looks like an Iranian work accident.... Another explosion occurred at a Revolutionary Guards munitions store, in Oct. 12th of last year.. Authorities identified the explosion as an accident, resulting in the deaths of several servicemen in Khoramabad, western Iran...

Other (former) discontent in the south East, include the 'Soldier's of God; who detonated bombs, killing five senior commanders of the elite Revolutionary Guard; & at least 26 others...

State media reported that the southeastern region of Iran has been at the center of a simmering Sunni insurgency... (Oct. 18)

Today, in the style of Ayatollah Khomeini; groups of the Regime's "hand-selected" protesters, rant over Wall St (USA?) ... while large groups of Iranian Intellectuals still remain behind bars....
-I've got it, how about Occupying a "transparent" Nuclear Program?
Today's Link...
Bahrain claims alleged terror cell had links to Iran's Revolutionary Guard...[Read]... Does anyone doubt Achmadenajihad's involvement in the protests, which raised turmoil for the little Pearl of the Sea?

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