IAEA Claims Key outside expertise furthered Iranian Nuclear Capability..

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"The [intelligence] points to a comprehensive project structure and hierarchy with clear responsibilities, timelines and deliverables," Albright said, according to the notes from the presentation. [Read]

Shahram Amiri, a Iranian Physicist is said to have confirmed data behind...
THIS OLD VIDEO (below)...

-Key outside assistance... #
According to Albright, one key breakthrough that has not been publicly described was Iran’s success in obtaining design information for a device known as an R265 generator...

The device is a hemispherical aluminum shell with an intricate array of high explosives that detonate with split-second precision. These charges compress a small sphere of enriched uranium or plutonium to trigger a nuclear chain reaction. #
Creating such a device is a formidable technical challenge, and Iran needed outside assistance in designing the generator and testing its performance, Albright said. [SOURCE]
SSBN missile sub can carry 24 Tridents, and they are can be MIRV'd to 8 warheads each, with up to 475 Kt warheads... 192 targets in Iran worthy of 475 Kt?

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