(D) Sen Schumer Shuts Down, long planned, Tea Party Debt Commission? ...(Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

From [redstate]
"Yesterday, the long planned Tea Party Debt Commission gathered in Washington, D.C. after months of development and procedure. Everything was set, the meeting had been approved through all of the appropriate channels, the tables had been set up, the microphones were in place." [read]

-One snag. Bad blood in D.C... [Story]
ht [ FreedomWorksAction]

ht [michellemalkin]
Tea Party Debt Commission Identifies $9.7 Trillion in Spending Cuts
without Raising Taxes; House and Senate conservatives meet with grassroots while the "super-committee" meets behind closed doors...
"This is not your father’s debt proposal,” commented Dean Clancy. "This is the only existing debt reduction proposal generated over just four months using cutting edge crowd-sourcing technology, and that cuts $9.7 trillion without raising taxes.

While the super-committee is struggling to write a single proposal behind closed doors, we are here today to present a bold but practical plan supported by a coalition of hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists from across the country." [Read]

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