Such disturbing lack of economic understanding can only be related to... UPDATE: Obama supporters!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Bloomberg to Wall Street Protesters:
'Help The Banks,' Don't Protest Them @ZekeJMiller [Read]

They're against the Capitalist system, & want FREE education; when it is Free education which drives up the cost of Education; not competition...
If Professors work for free; how many Professors will we have?

Image: "Wallstreet Protesters" MATT

-If the Wall Street protesters really want to reform capitalism,
they should join the Tea Party
# [Telegraph]
"As [---] has noted, across the Western World it is the ham-fisted, interventionist Left that is to blame for our economic woes by messing with the natural cycles of the free market. Capitalism doesn’t need to be abolished; [it needs to be unleashed]
-This Video is so EXACT in describing today...

-I missed this era, but no problem... Here it is again...
-And it matters little which Reagan candidate is elected.

NOTE: We need to simplify all of the laws, down-size the hundreds of redundant programs, that are (in-of-themselves) a violation of the Constitution...
-One in particular:
Equal protection under the law requires that law must apply 2 -ALL- equally; or it can't be law. Exemptions to laws, violate 14th Amend...

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