Lady Liberty Celebrates 125th Birthday!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Liberty's birthday party, was celebrated by a 12-minute fireworks display, choreographed to patriotic music.. Lady Liberty at 125! #


Joining the celebration, were 125 immigrants from 46 countries', who pledged to renounce foreign power; & became our Newest Americans!
[Read] -US celebrates Statue of Liberty's 125th birthday #

IMAGE: "Lady Liberty" doesn't look a day over 39. :D

Keeper of the Flame
For over 30 years, Charlie DeLeo has kept Liberty's light shining brightly...
(4 min) Documentary.

NOTE: To keep light on Lady Liberty, we need 800 bulbs...
Too bad it's not as easy to get our elected officials to read:

The Constitution # and the Bill of Rights: # :D

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