From Fake Dr. Notes for protesting teachers; to Occupy Arrest Scam? (EAGtv)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Video shows staged media events, as Obama Team street protesters work in cooperation to pass the Jobs policy, fully struck-down by Democrat controlled Senate!

Obama praises anarchists' & insurrectionists' mission; while they are encouraged to vilify his opponents... The same opponents who object to Gov't theft!

ht [Biggovernment.com]

-Rowdy Democracy Groups, eventually eat themselves...
Good thing we're a Republic... Bad thing, we're witnessing the perversion of Liberty under Obama Admin, defined as "they who harvest LIFE SAVINGS from one group's earnings, to give to another group, for their vote."

We were warned of this, in the Constitution...

-NYC Thieves Redistributing Wall Street Occupiers Wealth [Read]
Zip says, "Shockingly, they’re not cool with it." :D ..Hahaha!
Today's Links...
-Blaming Republicans?
Temporary Tarp Program's Missing Facts:
-Bush Admin applied exec-pay limits to participating firms
Obama officials reversed & lifted curbs before unveiling Mar 3... So, Democrats adjust Bush Tarp, to facilitate Obama Campaign-Donor's "Wall Street Banker bonuses."

@derekahunter tweets protester:
"My liberal & union bosses don't pay me enough so trash liberty & capitalism & give me money!" [View]

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