Deeply disgraceful & troubling remarks; fully misrepresent the United States (Hillary Vid)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

A couple of comments said it best, that USA is ruled entirely by psychopaths... For they, traveling abroad is requiring more and more Gov't protection; but never mind how global travel for citizens & AID workers, may be greatly diminished...

ht [whitehousedossier]
What? Clinton calls for Qaddafi Murder investigation, after this video

-Liberal leadership's attempt to cut US citizens from the world...
And as their new youth street camps drive State economies further bust; "Lefty, 2nd in command" teaches 4th grade youth that companies are greedy.

...But take a look how liberals harvest US competitiveness from Global Marketplace, by tacking-on nearly 60% TAX on US made products! [VIDEO]

-Their suppressive control issues will NOT work in America! (2012!)

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