Video: NOAA's Aquarius; Oct arrival of NASA's NEEMO 15 Mission

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: NASA NEEMO 15 Crew; Mission

The next research crew to visit the lab in October with be a team of NASA and international scientists. The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations [NEEMO] 15 will descend to Aquarius for a 13-day mission that will be the first to simulate a team landing on an asteroid... [READ]
-Meet the ‘Aquanauts’ Who Research Coral Reefs in World’s Only Underwater Laboratory; off of Key Largo in Florida! [BLAZE]
-Videos Missions under the sea: [aquarius.uncw]

For the last 10 days, marine scientists and technicians, otherwise known as aquanauts, have been living almost 50 feet under water while they research ways to protect and restore the coral reef off of Key Largo in Florida...
"During this most recent mission, scientists installed 32 cages over the reef and enclosed specific types of aquatic species inside. What they will monitor is which species best control seaweed; seaweed can cause damage to coral reefs." [Read]

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