Rep Ryan; House Budget Committee: 3 Steps to Pro-Growth Tax Reform (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

While a stable tax base adjustment would be created under Conservative Leadership in early 2012; most Americans want to scrap the OLD TAX with an IMMEDIATE, and consistent two year 10% (over-all) Tax; to help jump-start the economy...

-Great outline, and best video yet...

-PERSONAL NOTE: Examining the results of a 24 month 10% tax, could have a positive effect on development of a new Government tax policy; as a cost-efficient way to test/build new Government tax structure; in a no longer typical economy...

An economy, threatened by destructive Gov't over-correction, intervention, and threats of over-taxation; now creating high percentages of job-loss, due to uncertainty...

Today's Links...
Americans wake up, & Vote Conservative!
TODAY Blue Dist9 & Dist2 turns Republican RED!
-U.S. House - District 9 [NY]
-U.S. House - District 2 - [Nevada]

-Another Democrat Blocks (jobs and wealth) in USA [Read]
-Obama to speak at NC company shipping jobs out of USA [Read]

Obviously too many incidents to list...But TAX reform would have the deepest impact; providing the most cost-efficient policy...
We must do it, NOW!

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