Reagan Library GOP Presidential debate; Newt turns tables on the media (video) UPDATE: Cain takes-on ALL of MSNBC

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Liberals run 90% of Media.. Low ratings, because of Gov't propaganda ignores the message of the people... Seen here, monitoring the Republican Debate... Newt gives a particular question, a great reply.

-ht: ihatethemedia

It should also be noted that no questions were asked about Jobs...
Liberal Media couldn't face hearing about Obama's abysmal failure to correct policy; which still impedes jobs creation? Haha.
Especially as dozens of House/passed Jobs Bills are still:
-Liberals running Huntsman; Media favors Mit. (DNC/Q&A)
-UPDATE: VIDEO: Herman Cain Takes On Entire MSNBC Roundtable After Debate! [VIEW] Making obvious that MSM's toxic vision of a "less-than" Racial fold; is something that Black Conservatives refuse to feed into...

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