GOP's timely budget/jobs legislation, still stopped by Senate; becomes the target of more blame..

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Sunday Video points to Obama, who plans to blame Republicans for high unemployment; Rep Paul Ryan responds to Obama's latest politicking....
GOP passed MANY bills to create Jobs (& on time)
Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 -H.Con.Res. 34 -
ht [gateway]

The Republican's "already passed bill" balances the budget, pays off the debt, and reforms the tax code, by getting rid of loop-holes and lowering the tax-rate… They've passed regulatory reform; new energy development legislation to explore domestic energy production…
Here's GOP's timely Pass of Job's Legislation; still stopped by Senate Majority, Reid; who restricts Senate Vote...

-RED = GOP bills, blocked in Senate
-View GOP Passed Jobs Bills [Here]

UPDATE: Hum.. Obama jobs-bill doesn't look urgent to some Democrats??
Obama: Pass This Bill Right Away! — Durbin: We Will Get Around To It Some Time In October… [READ] And yet Obama will blame GOP for unemployment, if they do not pass his bill?

UPDATE:Obama to Seek $1.5 Trillion in Tax Hikes, on Mon [Read]
EVERYONE knows that Democrat policy uncertainty, and pulling tax from Job Creators is widening unemployment. 2012 CAN'T COME QUICK ENOUGH!

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