AUDIO: Gov Christie Speech at Reagan Presidential Library [Part: 1 & 2 ]... (Must Hear)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Gov Chris Christie accepts an invitation to deliver a speech today at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library... He offered his views of world events, and his appreciation for the leadership skills Ronald Reagan had displayed...



The LEFT talks about Republicans pinning their hopes on Gov Christie "over-throwing" Obama??? Since when is an election an 'over-throw'?

The RIGHT judges Gov Christie's State policy, but state policy belongs to the individual state; and Gov Christie has the task of Governing a state that is predominately Democrat...
-And quite well, I might add...

-Personal Note: Are we rapidly becoming "ungovernable?"
We've all seen the results of neighbors who struggle with feudalism, descend into ciaos; on a one-way path which leads into deep despair...

I pray for a strong America... One which does not base its values upon "petty differences"; but rather, takes into account a future yet unborn, or teens left with NOTHING in the way of the opportunities we have enjoyed...

It will take Americans, ready to commit to a better attitude; not just those sitting & critiquing who has a "better talking-point"...
As Gov Christie says; a nation ready to commit with "action."

Only time will tell...

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