Whoo-wee, that's some Tax-payer funded Monstrosity... (without video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

What's that sound?!..Oh, it must be Tea Party insurgents singing, "God Bless America" As Obama emerges from bus...

Image: Daylife (Obama Tour)

And as folks in small town USA see bullet-proof, bomb-proof vehicles; equipped with task-force & sharp shooters; Obama makes a Darth Vader-style entrance...

Tax-payers are charged a staggering, "2.2 million per bus" ..for the Obama Tour, during a deep recession... (eat your peas, people)
UPDATE: (from twitter)
"Your tax dollars at work – Obama regime buys two extra buses for midwest tour at a cost of $1.1 million" [READ] (must be the "cheap ones")

I can't help but think that we have these bullet-proof buses in the wrong[region] ... Especially after all the "time-tables, & contingency operations"... But, I'll just let it go at that...

I remember when the Bus Tour was a Gov Palin strategy; as Liberal Media made an issue of the cost of her bus (paid for by freely donated funds)... Image: "Freeps"

Yet today, Obama Media utters NOT a single world about the Obama Bus Monstrosity... FULLY PAID FOR BY US TAX-PAYERS!

Personal Note: And may your Hope Bus, change into a One Nation Bus... That this great nation might find its route back to, "The Republic for which we Stand".. God Bless our Men & Women in Harm's Way.

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