Wash Post: FEMA moving money around to pay for Hurricane Irene (Video/media)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

This deserved a post on its own... Remembering how Bush efforts in Katrina were distorted by uncooperative "blue states" & Media! Now Obama & Democrats leave FEMA grossly underfunded!

-First Year After Hurricane Katrina:
What Federal Government Did:

Today's tepid response to mandatory evacuation, as many refuse... Thank goodness this storm is not equal in comparison to Katrina; but same "refusal to evacuate" also happened under Bush... Coupled with "blue state" officials who refused timely cooperation..(lawsuits conclude)

Note how Liberal Media responds, under their OWN political party...
CBS criticizes the 300 who stayed on their own??

Too bad they didn't provide the same message at the onset of Katrina; when (instead) hate for Bush trumped the thousands who later perished, after refusing to heed his warnings..... (Corrupt Media distorts to suit)

Prayers go to all those suffering the storm, still yet unknown...
As Irene batters her way up the coast; & back out into the ocean.

A little FAQ on the same subject (from Freepers)
-FEMA's Disaster Budget Becomes Political Issue [read]
-VIEW: library [PDF]

"Reps. Hal Rogers, (R-KY), Robert Aderholt (R-AL), and Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), who all sit on the Appropriations Committee, released a statement Saturday morning when it started raining in Washington. The reason for FEMA’s money problem, they said, was that Democrats didn’t make the agency’s budget big enough to begin with."

Interesting that Obama and the democrat’s 2010 FEMA budget request was only 10 billion to begin with..yet Bush’s administration’s 2005 (before the dems took congress) FEMA budget requested 40 billion. [Read]
Sounds like someone doesn’t have his priorities straight and it wasn’t Bush!
-VIEW: library [PDF]
-FEMA BUDGET for 2010: [VIEW]

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