The left's obsessive flirtation with policies of a "faded era"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Troubling "Authoritarian mind-set" which takes USA to a dismal era...
-Dems try to recreate FDR; rapidly decimate job sector.. [Read]

Unlike today, it was said to be a time in history where Media Standards & ethical reporting were basically, a moral given... Today, Democrat's tight leash on the Press, assures this (and other) failures...

The principals of a 1946 "Freedom of the Press"...
(Video: 9 min 56 sec ) (A little corny, but there are truths.)

(Video shelved into the archives in Jan, 1976.)

Market forces demand deeper investigative reporting, and this upholds Media Standards... Reform is the widened search for independent truth...

Government Media Reform, on the other hand, is the exact opposite... It provides incentive for political favors.... Evading the heart of the story.

Very much the way our economy works...

An interesting quote by Teresa Stover....
"The current state of the news media is partially to blame for the public’s general lack of information vital for responsible citizenship in a democracy... The news media has become an aspect of show business, offering merely infotainment. It has evolved into an entity that tends to function as a public relations agency for wealthy and powerful multinational corporations, members of Congress, the current Presidential Administration including the administrations that preceded it....

The news media is being utilized as a political tool of suppression and propaganda by those in power, and propaganda is psychological in nature. Full of half-truths and utter misinformation, it’s an arrogant and very commercial strategy that is implemented because it appeals to emotions, fear being the main one relentless talk of national security, personal and community safety, can trigger childhood insecurities and indoctrinated views of authority."
-Teresa Stover #
We will hope for the retreat of this and other, dismal ways of being...
Where-as we respect Authority... Just not the Authoritarian mind-set, of a faded era...

...USA will break the chains that bind.

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