Gaddafi loyalists say they are "beating the rats out of the city"| Obama "Kinetic Action" Costs = $896M

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Global Leaders want Qaddafi to [step down]; but what level is the "consensus" of the Loyal Libyans; and what percentage are foreign rebels; as seen in the crowds...DemocRAT'S operation costs = $896 million

Did Libyans view a fake "Hollywood-style set of square; broadcast over Al Jazeera IMAGE: [VIEW]; showing Rebels cheering in victory? VIDEO: [HERE]

[LINK] (enlarge)

Vacationing Obama, gives quick comment on Gaddafi's’s ousting:
"Tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant" [Read]
But what they didn't expect, was Gaddafi's son showing up ALIVE in front of the Western Press, [read] ..And not [detained]
Daffy's son claims that NATO sent a text messages to every phone in Tripoli yesterday saying that Qaddafi's sons had been captured; and that Government troops had surrendered... VIDEO: [VIEW]
NATO is said to have dropped leaflets over the area... "To all non Libyan fighters in Tripoli! You have been involved in violent acts against innocent Libyan civilians." (below)

Image: UN Leaflet for civilians

(cont.) "NATO has the means and the capabilities to implement the UN mandate to protect civilians and civilian populated areas, NATO is determined to use its capabilities against any threat. Leave this country, now!"
Americans DO NOT want Gov't R2P involvement with these endless "contingency operations" placing $Billions on the backs of Tax-payers ...Election 2012 will serve as a MASSIVE restraining order!

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