And so it begins: Gov Perry Announcement for President, 2012 [Video Remix]

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: "Smooth Sailing"... Perry (over Barry) Freeps!

-From Full UStream: [VIEW] (transcripts at RedState)

Americans aren't willing to surrender, & become a diminished country, any more than they were when Carter lost his elections... We deserve a fiscal direction, which leads to a much brighter future..

NOTE: This is a time when we must (and will) stay strong, support our allies... And as a priority, get Americans back to work... Not appease our enemies by reducing to a "diminished country"...

Today's Links..
An Absolute MUST READ endorsement of by Read [LINK]
Addressing and clarifying the 3 myth/issues on the net...

@VoteSmartToday, Richard D. Cushing warns of Marxist Agenda No 6: Centralization of the means of communication, transportation, by Government; i.e: The Communist Manifesto; which also includes Internet...

Left Media still treats B.O like a victim:
L.A. Times: Obama left short-handed on economy #
"Key departures have cost President Obama's team of economic advisers badly needed expertise and persuasive influence." [Read]

Leaders are not left when they are Leading... Maybe they're running out of people to blame, now he can blame his financial team... When the fact is, it is a President's DUTY to giving morning economy briefings, to allow the Press transparent coverage; instead of close them off from reportage.

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