Update: Blogger finds video, at 49 second mark, tying Obama directly to gunwalker!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Impeach 1st; & then extradite to Mexico... New accusations filed over negligent program... Obama's orders launched Fast & Furious; as suspected purpose of this operation was to suppress American gun rights... Today, liberals try to cure their deaths scandal; with 2nd amendment infringement [read]

-Loose translation: "Give bad guys guns; disarm the good guys."

Most States made the enemies List

"Drug gangs are at war with the police there, with supplies like AK-47s and .50-caliber sniper rifles; the drug gangs are winning." [read]

In a report by @JoAnneMoretti; Bobbi found the video section (below) by accident, which (at 49 sec) ties Gunrunner program to orders of Obama.

Posted Earlier: Doing nothing to intercept the gun purchaser or retrieve the guns even when they were under active surveillance by federal law enforcement officials...[Read]

TahDeetz says: #FastAndFurious could very well be the impetus 4 an American Pinochet... Many Treasonous & impeachable offenses. Too many to list!
Today's Links...
Exceeding Presidential limits, and then...
Suppressing our resources, to use as a bargain chip.#
Latest: EPA instructed at the last minute to add Texas, to the list of States to be hit with Coal-Power Limits, While Letting Off Three Democrat States and Two Swing States...[Read]

Republican candidates on enemy list; are now met with rowdy groups, to bring disturbances to their States... Stimulus is a mistake!
VIDEO: Rep.Tim Scott: Obama side-stepping Congress over debt-ceiling is 'impeachable act' [VIEW]
Amidst Military budget cuts, Obama expands "Rebel contingency operations" in six countries? ...I think Americans get the hint.

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