Democrats cram-in (taxable) increases; AFTER finalized agreement... (Deal ends)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Same (4 to 5 year) "Democrat Majority Jello" with Bush set up to take the blame... Today, Dems Blame Boehner, & Conservative Majority's:
"Cap, Cut, and Balance" policy...
Favored by 2/3 of Americans...

Unexpected changes & rules are really the norm for the Obama Team... And this is why we continue to see such drastic uncertainty & jobs purge; in our U.S. markets...

Contract agreement equaled $800 billion in revenue increases (over 10 years), but Obama decided to jack that figure up to $1.2 trillion; requiring (TAX)

- In his own words, Boehner explains:

(more later)

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