Yet again, (R) Rep Ryan explains to Democrat's Massive Media outlets, how Washington's Debt hurts Jobs Creation

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

If we want recovery, we must trim-back crippling Gov't burden, & create predictability; so that businesses can hire...

(R) Rep Ryan Paul, Chairman of the House Budget Finance Committee, continues to explain how today's escalating jobs loss figures correlate with escalating Gov't debt & over-spend...

Video: Rep. Ryan on debt (CBS News townhall)
FACT: Several Conservative States have already entered into recovery...
But it appears that the Obama Team FAILS to understand that the purpose of business is to turn profit; as their Washington advisers pile on extra Bureaucrats and TAX-burden... Wasteful and unneeded Gov't programs pamper leftist lobbyists; but act as a dead-weight on our economy...

Dem-Left envisions policy much like former Soviet Union...
But Americans -ALL- want recovery; and must vote them OUT.

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