Rally against Federal Gov't over-reach: "We stand on the side of Freedom" as reserved to the States, respectively

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

'Obamacare Goes to Court!' Awesome Speech. As Obamacare is killing the economy, destroying jobs, and threatening the availability and affordability of healthcare in America... We must stop this slow motion, ever accelerating, train wreck...

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CAPTION: An enthusiastic group of tea party and conservative activists gathered outside an Atlanta Federal Court Building where an already deemed Unconstitutional Healthcare law was being debated before a three judge panel...
Today's Links...
IPAB: the out-of-control agency created by Obamacare

The irony of the Obama lawyers arguing the mandate was definitely, assuredly and certainly a tax was not lost on me.

-The Voice of our intended Freedoms:
-2012 Senate Candidates Court Tea Party Votes: [Read]

respond to Tom Daschle on the Balanced Budget Amendment:

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