Flashback: Sen Joe threatens with Impeachment if violation of 'War Powers' were ever considered.. (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Senator Joe looks pretty sure that going into an operation without Congressional vote, is a serious Constitutional violation...
That is, back in 2007...

ht: JosephAGallant

NOTE: This was never considered by Bush, who always fully engaged Congress in an 'up or down' vote... Congress made their war decisions (as only THEY can) from the same intelligence given to the President...

But it Looks like Liberals are still confused... #
Disagreement in Admin over War Powers & Libya..
"Late Friday, the White House acknowledged that both Attorney General Eric Holder and the Pentagon’s top lawyer concluded that the conflict in Libya should be considered “hostilities,” in opposition to what the White House has claimed." [Read]
Four wars, five wars?... How is this logical? New wars, without a single Congressional vote... And no "Bush" to blame.

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