Best of Rep Ryan Videos: "Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending"

-Away (Italy) until July 3rd... Posted from archives...

Rep Paul Ryan's Road Map is really very popular with a majority of Americans; and if put to vote by the American people, it would easily pass...

The House Budget Chairman walked through, why the bill put forward by Democrats FAILS the President's deficit test... In 6 Min. :D
"Ignoring this additional cost does not remove it from the backs of taxpayers. Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending."
-Rep Ryan

"When you strip away the double-counting of Medicare cuts, the so-called savings from Social Security payroll taxes and the CLASS Act, the deficit increases by $460 billion over first ten years and $1.4 trillion over second ten years."
Finally, one of the most expensive and most cynical of the gimmicks applies to Medicare physician payments, the so-called Doc Fix.

By your own estimate, the Doc Fix adds an additional $371 billion to the cost of health care reform. With the price tag beyond what most Americans could handle, the Majority decided to simply remove this costly provision and deal with it in a stand-alone bill...

Today's Links...
Come to find out... Democrats stripped $500M from Soc Security; for Obama care... So much for Ryan's plan "stripping Medicare for Seniors...
-Video: We found the REAL Wheelchair pusher... [VIDEO!]

The ill-effects of Obamacare, & uncertainty; impacts our Nation....
Study: Big drop in internal medicine students:
Shortage in Primary Care Doctors Looming?

[The Roadmap Mission] 1. Fulfill the Mission of Health and Retirement Security; 2. Lift the Crushing Burden of Debt; 3. American Jobs and Competitiveness in the 21st Century Global Economy...

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