House (R) efforts to save Medicare; become Left's opportunity to push a false narrative; Video: Ryan Plan visualized

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The Path to Prosperity would prevent Obamacare's current escalating Physician retreat from Medicare... Rep Ryan clarifies, via visual (Video below)

-Image: From hotair

Please read these plans, and choose the path to preserve, not reduce Freedoms, and not just for us, but for our future...
-House Republicans' plan to save & strengthen Medicare: [Read]

video: ht/Bryan Preston

Democratic leaders in Congress have failed to produce a plan -- it has been 755 days since Senate Democrats even passed a budget... But when these politicians are long gone; we must not leave more restricted freedoms and less certainty, for our future... (as evidenced in 1930's policy today)

Today, Democrats push a false narrative against the urgently needed reform of Medicare... This looks like another one of their political ploys to discredit what they see as another Presidential hopeful...

-Yesterday Dems ran a fake "Tea Party" candidate to win a district... But, choosing CONTROL over consensus will make Americans less free, not more...
Must Reads...
-House-passed Fiscal Year 2012 Budget: [Path to Prosperity]
-House Republicans' plan to save and : [strengthen Medicare]

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The Tame Lion said...

Vigorously nodding my head....

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