What our Founder, Thomas Jefferson, would do today (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Happy Birthday Anniversary, Thomas Jefferson…
Our founders framed a tri partied system, with checks & balances; and additional checks via a bifurcated Congress.

A true representational government does not favor government extraction of capital from the people; because if you tax away your capital, you are not going to have any jobs…
Thomas Jefferson would organize a repeal of public Law 62-5); and then, look to enjoy his birthday in a still wonderful and Free, USA... [View Video]

For the American people, hope & change has turned out to be the "hope to change" Washington D.C...

Thomas Jefferson would do all to enable a more manageable conduit for these United States; and correct the defects of the Federal Government.. That, so that 'much weight' upon the Nation; would not devour it...

The song "Looking For America" has been sponsored in support of Operation Troop Aid #; #

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